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AskMePc-WebDesign Planning Worksheet
Please attach extra paper with your answers if needed.

This design worksheet is designed to enhance communications between askmepc-webdesign and our customers.
If you are getting this form from our website, print it out, fill it out,  and email it to us,
and mail a copy to our office at  4061 East Castro Valley Blvd #193, Castro Valley, Ca 94552
You may also scan it and email it to me at info- at-askmepc-webdesign.com
It provides a written memorandum of your website plan.

Your company or Organization name ____________________________________________

1. Purpose of your website.  Before we can start with the nuts and bolts of the visual design of your site,
it is important to establish the purpose you have in mind for your site.

Please read the following list, and place a “1” next to the most important purpose, next most important a “2,” etc.
Leave those items blank that do not interest you.

___ To give my company/book/product a cutting edge appearance
___ To develop a qualified list of sales prospects

___ To sell products/services online
___ To give out information
___ To market literature that we write
___ To provide free information and downloads
___ To encourage potential customers to contact us by phone or mail
___ To make available product information and price lists to distributors
___ To make available product information and price lists to customers
___ To strengthen brand identification

___ Other________________________________________________________________

2. Site Organization
To help brainstorm the layout of your website, consider the following simple page layout chart.



Re-label any pages you want, cross out any you do not want, and add or change the connecting lines to the second row. You can also just write on the blank layout below.


Total number of pages for the site ________

3. Site and Domain Name

Domain names, such as something.com have to be registered in order for you to own the rights to that name.
We can buy your domain for you if you need that done.

Cost is 14.95 for one year and 28.00 for two. __________

Domain name ____________________________   ___ Desired ___ Already registered

If you already have a website or domain name, I need the log in for your account.

Hosting Company Name.___________________________________
(godaddy, bluehost, ect.)

Account Name
User Name   _____________________________________________

Password     _____________________________________________

Home Page/Landing Page

1. What is the primary messaging that will be going on the home page? Will there be a mission statement?

2. Besides primary messaging and imagery, what additional items will be on the home page? Case studies? Current events?
    New or featured products?
    The home landing page makes the first impression.
    We can create a homepage for that will carry some impact, with tools like slideshows, use of videos or audio and more.

    Please detail how you would like the home page.

Second Level Pages

1. Will the second level pages generally have a lot of content? 
    Will you be including anything besides main content on these pages, such as pull quotes or product teasers?

2. Do you like the idea of different color palettes for the various sections?

Industry Trends and Other Sites

1. What are the URL’s of some other companies within your industry?
    Please mention what you like or dislike about their sites.


 2. Are there any sites not within your industry that you like? Why?

    Would you like me to emulate certain elements when designing your site?

 3. Is there any design element you want me to avoid?

  4. Logo and Graphics

For the purpose of “branding” your site with your company/organization's image,
it is strongly advised that a company/organization logo be present at the top of every page.
It is very helpful if you provide a copy of your company’s letterhead, brochures, business card, etc.,
so we can see how you present your company image.

You can send these to me via email, or on a disk.

Do you currently have a graphic logo? ___ yes ___ no

Do you currently have a textual logo? ___ yes ___ no

If you have a graphic logo, please provide it in digital format, so we do not lose any quality in scanning it.

If you need a logo designed by AskMePc-WebDesign, please note that logo design is an additional charge outside of a website design contract.

Typeface preference (Times, Arial, etc.) ___________________________________

Preferred colors around logo _____________________________________________

Other ideas ___________________________________________________________



A. If you don’t have a logo design or are redesigning, please give some examples of logos you like and what you like about them?


B. If you are redesigning a logo, are there any colors or fonts you would like to use or avoid?
    Do you want a serif or sans serif font or do you have no preference?

C. Are there any pieces of corporate collateral besides the company logo you’d like complemented by the site?

D. Besides the logo colors, are there any colors I should use or avoid?

 E. Are there any fonts you’d like incorporated other than the logo font?

F. Colors for your website

We recommend that the background on webpage’s be white for readability and contrast.
We also recommend a three color palette, where one or more colors can be further enhanced
by making a lighter tint of it, thus giving you four or five possible colors for your website.

We also strongly urge you to surf the Internet, and write down the web address ( called a URL)
of websites where you saw a color that you particularly like for your website.

Color preferences:

1 ___________________________________________________________________

2 ___________________________________________________________________

3 ___________________________________________________________________

4 ___________________________________________________________________

6. Navigation System

Visitors to your website have to be able to find desired information on your website,
and all pages should have the same navigation structure throughout the site.
Typically, this involves a company logo or name in the top left, major links along the left or right edges of each page,
and a few links to important sections of the site along the bottom.

We typically put a link on the logo or company name in the top left
so users can click there to go back to your home, or first page.

Links on the left or right edge are just as easy to do. Links on the left are most common,
and where people expect to find them.

Links on the right are less common, but can help make your website stand out.
Links can be text or images, although images will make your website load much slower,
and may discourage some users with slow dial-up connections.

Where would you like your major links? ___ left ___ right ___ top

These links are derived from the chart you marked up on the first page.
Please mark any of the following navigation features you might want added.

Rollover buttons (requires JavaScript and extra cost) ___________

Drop Down Menus (requires JavaScript and extra cost) __________

Custom Images Created as Navigation Buttons (you need to supply the images you want used) __________

Other ideas ______________________________________________

Please list other websites whose navigation style visually appeals to you,
or has the type of design elements you would like to incorporate into your website.





Please list websites that you feel are competitors in your field.





7. Photos, graphics, animations, sound, video

Our contract includes the statement that you own the copyright to,
or have permission from the copyright owner to use any photos you supply us with.

  • Some online sources for royalty-free stock photos include     
  • Free Images (http://www.freeimages.co.uk/   
     Wikicommons has a huge selection of royalty-free items you may use.

    This is by no means an exclusive list. Any photo or image you may want is available for a price somewhere.
    Please send these to me, with details on how and where you would like them used.

Please list any special image needs other than an image or two per page,
such as a photo album type page, or a detailed list of product photos with small thumbnail images linked to larger images.





8. Content
You provide the content for your pages. Please format your content no wider then 600, since this is usually
the display area width. No word documents please. These bring lots of extra odd code into the site and mess
up the display. Please format using a simple text editor and a common simple font for best display.
Please choose a common simple font for best results. We can insert special fonts for small sections, but in general
people prefer plain and easy to read font.
We do not proof your content! You are responsible for spelling and grammar.

We have several wonderful copywriters we work with and can vouch for personally.
I highly recommend you at least send your final copies to one of them for those final touches.

I am always impressed with how much better copy sounds after a pro has worked with it.

9. What you can expect with your website design

Time-wise, it is impossible to judge how long your website will take to develop without a full consultation.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning for your new website:

  • Photographs and graphics take longer to download to a browser than text.
    While you do not want a boring, text only website, think about a user with a slow dial-up modem when considering
    how many images you want on a webpage.
  • When supplying photographs or graphic images to us, please supply them in digital form.
    You may email them or burn them onto a CD. 
  • It is vitally important to have as much detail about your site planned before we start development.
    Changing plans in the middle will cost extra, and having a vague idea of what you want can cost extra,
    and will definitely take longer to develop.
  • While animated graphics might be used a lot on webpage’s,
    they are usually never used outside of an advertisement
    on a business website. Think about the users experience at your website
    before asking for animations that do not add value to your website

Once I review your worksheet, we will get together on the phone. The first 1/2 is due at the beggining, the second is due after you have seem the site, which we will be reviewing together on my "test" site area online. Usually there are some adjustments and tweaking before our final product. 
 The final payment is due after that and we are ready to go live. Thank you for choosing us!
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