2017 Volunteer Schedule

2017  Volunteer Schedule






Important Directions

Please look over each day and check if you are on the schedule.

Even if you think you did not sign up for that day. Please check.
Be sure to check the top section and the bottom with the classes.
Many of you have assignments in BOTH sections.

Some of the new people signed up for every day and then told me later you did not realize that meant
I will use you for every day you signed up.
I have already made several changes because some people could not do some of the days they selected.

A quick way to do this is to use the find feature on your computer.
For a Windows PC you just hit CTRL and F and it will bring up your search window for a page.
Those of you who have long or hyphenated names, I have to shorten them to fit into the table the page can be printed.

  • Make sure you find your name all over the page when you search.

Many of you have duties from the top section and class sessions. Be sure to check both





Some extra directions.

On Thursday the late classes are from 6:30-9 pm, but you do not need to stay until the end.
These are more casual and you do not have to do the timekeeping and stay until the very end if you need to leave.
We need help that first hour to greet and seat and pass out any handouts and introduce the speakers.

I have worked on the schedule pages so that Fri and Sat will print out as two pages.
The rest print out as one page.

You need to select the 80% on the print button settings when you hit the button.
Use the print button under each page.


Once again, please be sure to print your own VOLUNTEER schedule before you come to the conference.  
Wait until the day you leave home, since there will be some changes on the schedule up to the day before.
Nothing major but it is best to wait until closest to the conference to print our schedule.

And also please print the conference schedule.


We do not have extras. Everyone gets one to start with. But it is better to bring your own copy.
It is best to print your own copy.
Do not print it until just before you leave for the conference. It looks like the changes are mostly finished now. Fingers crossed.

Here is the link for Volunteer Directions if you need them again.

  • If anyone wants to bring treats or food for the community table, we welcome your contribution.
  • We have two fast heating plugin tea pots in the Volunteer room for any hot beverages you want to bring, we do have lots of flavored teas already.
  • I am bringing a coffee maker this year. Remember keep this low key, we are not allowed to have these things, and they kindly turn a blind eye.
  • There are two small refrigerators for lunches or drinks.
  • We supply snacks and some drinks

If you need to change your schedule or you have to trade a scheduled slot with someone else, you must email me and tell me so I can update the schedule.
We have enough people this year that no one has more than 3-5 commitments a day, so please try to just go with the schedule.
Changing it around is a real hassle.

Thank you.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

***If you did not respond and fill out your Peets lunch order, you missed out.
We did order a few extra tickets that you can use to get something else from Peets if you are on that day and did not order in time. 
We do have a lot of food in the volunteer room all weekend so you will have food available.